[SOLVED]??Strange iPhone/iPad glitch : how to « see » again a « lost » WiFi network

Shortly after iOS4.3 update, I noticed that my iPhone 4 did not « see » my Home Network anymore. The situation was quite unusual as

  • all other devices home, including other iDevices and laptops could still « see » this network
  • my iPhone 4 could see other networks and connect to them
  • restarting the TimeCapsule and Airport stations did not change anything, neither did an iPhone shutdown followed by a start
  • resetting the network parameters did not change anything beyond wiping all my memorized networks

I could not find any trace of this on the web, not even on Quora and before calling Orange customer service, I did a last try on facebook and got a very interesting answer from Bruno Innecco : it turns out that this problem could be solved by resetting the iPhone instead of restarting it. You tend to think that the iPhone reset (reboot) procedure is relevant only in the case of a frozen machine, yet in the present case I could get my (home) WiFi network back.

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