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Publié le 1 Mars 2012

Shot in late afternoon with an iPhone4S in HDR mode, using a b&w "Ansel Adams" effect thanks to Path. The elongated shadows are typical of the YASSP (Yet Another Self Shadow Portrait) series I started to shoot several years ago, but this one is the first...

Publié le 20 Septembre 2011

I noticed recently that my hard drive had shrunk by several, if not a dozen GB. The phenomenon shortly followed a smooth upgrade to OSX Lion who became suspect #1 shortly. And in vain. Then I turned towards the other usual suspects, namely caches. For...

Publié le 21 Mars 2011

Shot from our bedroom at 01:30 AM with my Canon 60D body + 70-200 f/4 L stabilized lens @ 1/400s and ISO100

Publié le 10 Janvier 2011

The picture used to name and illustrate this blog has been shot in Egypt's White Desert on January 1st 2011 Source:

Publié le 11 Mars 2010

Entretien avec Philippe Dewost, CEO de IMsense from frenchweb on Vimeo. Cofondateur de Wanadoo, Philippe Dewost est aujourd'hui le CEO de IMsense une société spécialisée dans le traitement numérique de photo. Apres avoir développé un applicatif de traitement...

Publié le 11 Novembre 2009

H ere is the slideshare of the imsense keynote I delivered at the 6Sight "Future of Imaging" conference in Monterey , CA on Nov 11th, 2009. A nd below is the video captured during the conference, that mixes the slides I used and the talk I delivered.